Release Notes

Split screen co-op/multiplayer.
AI now road rage when stuck and explode.
FXAA anti aliasing option.
Improved decal system and text projection.
Improved ramps.
Improved AI steering.

Fixed many bugs with tire track projection.
New rearview mirror trinkets and keychain.
Destructable objects now in sandbox.
Tweaked wind noise.

New tire tracks and road center lines.
Rendering performance improvements.
Improved dynamic resolution scaling.
Circular intro and outro transitions.
Some compatibilty fixes and bugs.

New OSX version of game.
Adjusted vehicle model.
Working mirrors added to vehicle.
More graphical scaling options.
Improved shadow mapping stability/jitter.
Improved menus + some new bugs.

Improved truck collision model and behavior.
New ramp object type.
New area names.
Improved shadow mapping and added new graphic options.
Tweaked sandbox and some benchmarks.

New particle templating system.
New confetti and test exhaust effect.
New certification progression tracking.
Adjusted some sandbox achitecture.
Improved truck model.

Created new benchmark 010.
Small adjustments to existing benchmarks.
Fixed some visual artifacts in shadow mapping.
Fixed frustrum culling of visible objects bug.

Added new vertical benchmark 009.
Tweaked magnetic force applied to cargo.
Added distance/visual scale based culling of meshes.
Minimized redundant gpu commands.
Minimized shader switches.

Fixed bug in frustrum culling.
Game should open maximized on windows.
Slightly improved rendering speed.

Fixed afew visual artifacts caused by shadow maps.
Fixed camera movement bugs with vsync off.

Three new benchmarks.
Slightly imrpoved tyre traction behavior.
Fixed afew crash causing bugs.

New engine revs synthesized from mouth noises.
Fixed some key naming bugs in keyboard config menu.

Two new benchmarks and one redesigned.
New performance ranking system, 75% time 25% parking accuracy.
New benchmark performance summary screen.
New highscore display on benchmark select screen.
Fixed some bugs related to respawning.

Added SOME destructable level geometry to benchmarks.
Improved shadow mapping slightly.

Adjusted vehicle physics 1st gear is 4WD and higher gears are RWD making drifting and spin outs easier.
Fixed several respawning bugs related to new benchmark mode.
New random cargo box sizes in sandbox mode.
Added new menu screen that summarizes triump over a benchmark.
Made benchmark timer UI that counts up.

New benchmarking mode with 3 prototype scenarios to test intergrator aptitude.
New keyboard configuration menu added.
Cube edges are now beveled.

New joystick configuration menu added.
Menu transitions.
Fixed infinit acceleration in reverse.
Some other minor bug fixes.

New windows installer, auto installs overtop older versions.
Bug fixes.

Collisions cause local distortion effect.
Added windshield to truck models.
Stochastic shadow map sampling.
MSAA rendering option.
Bug fixes and bug additions.

Added alarm triggered by cargo falling out of storage space.
More improvements to camera behavior, no longer clips through terrain (most of the time).
New gradient skybox.
Bug fixes

Randomly picked delivery routes.
Rough navigation visualizations to help find the best path to destination.
Fixed near plane clipping.

AI now cruises along random routes using a navigation node system and respawn if stuck.
Fullscreen video options added, it requires a restart to take effect.

Added simple AI that cruises around aimlessly and tries to avoid collisions.

Added more sounds, camera shake from high speeds and fixed some variable frame rate bugs.

Bug fixes.

Added graphical options menu.
Improved compatibility with older graphics cards.
Shifter sound effect.

Park inside square checkpoints to pickup and drop off cargo.
Two delivery routes for testing.
Total stats are tracked like total KG hauled and distance traveled.

Rough initial release.